Studio Le Roy
T + 31 (0)20 626 92 77
M + 31 (0)6 2558 7326
Studio Le Roy



Telefoon 020 6269277

Prijs EUR 100,- per uur incl. technicus excl. BTW

Parkeren twee inpandige, afsluitbare, parkeerplaatsen

Regieruimte 30 m2, akoestisch ontworpen met airco

Opnameruimte 60 m2 plus 25 m2 booth & 10 m2 booth, allen akoestisch ontworpen  

Afluistering groot 5.1 systeem ATC & nearfield 5.1 systeem Genelec

Opmerkingen ruime opnameruimte met vleugel en uitgebreid muzikantvriendelijk koptelefoonsysteem

Gewerkt met The Treble Spankers, Jesse van Ruller, Hein VandeGeyn, Enrico Pieranunzi, Rob Hauser, Henny Vrienten, New Cool Collective, Zuco 103, Jasper van 't Hof, Vincent van Warmerdam, De Dijk, Postmen, FraFra Sound e.v.a.

Belangrijkste apparatuur

Mengtafel SSL 4000E/G 56 channel met recall & automatisering.

Recorders Pro Tools HD3 Accel,
56 sporen digitaal Tascam DTRS,
48 sporen 2" analoog Otari MX 80 met oa Dolby SR

Monitoring ATC 200, Genelec 1031, Auratone 5C, Yamaha NS 10, Westlake LC6.75

Randapparatuur TC 6000, Manley Massive Passive, EMT 140 galmplaat, Lexicon PCM 91, TC 2290,Eventide H3000SE, Urei 1176 & LA4, TubeTech SMC2a , DBX160SL, Roland DimensionD, Valley Kepex II e.v.a.

Microfoons Microfoons Telefunken ELAM 251, Neumann M149, U67,U87, KM 150, KM 140, TLM 170, KM 84 AKG 414, 451, Sanken CU 41, CU44X, Sennheiser MD 441, MD 421, ElectroVoice RE20, e.v.a.

Instrumentarium Yamaha G3 vleugel, Eastophe upright piano, Akai 3000,1000, Roland JV 80 e.a.

Studio Le Roy is a large music recording studio in downtown Amsterdam. It features a recording room, control room and seperate mastering suite.
The studio has a large tracking room of 60 square meters with a Yamaha grand piano, high end microphones and a sophisticated custom built musician foldback system.
The control room of 30 square meters is equipped with an automated mixing console, the famous SSL 4000E/G with 56 channels and recall. All our rooms are fitted with 5.1 monitor systems, and high sampling rate converters, as well as the best classic analog equipment.
One of our strenghts is our knowledge of Super Audio CD production. We can record, mix, master and author high quality surround SACD’s/DVD's.
We specialize in ‘live’music recording of as many musicians as possible simultaneously. All musical styles are handled, with a focus on jazz, folk, world and popmusic.
Most of our work is for the independent labels and film/tv producers. The key word of our business is ‘atmosphere’.
A place were beautiful music is created, in a fruitful and effective way.

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